Social Media and Box Office Success

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has changed the way movies are promoting on social media. With over 87.2 million followers on Instagram and 58 million on Facebook with fans from all over the world, it is easy to see why he was crowned the highest paid actor in 2016 with a cool $64.5 million. He knows how to self-promote and in Hollywood today, studios are only focused on Box Office success and does he deliver. The man is so popular, if he were to run for office against “The Donald”, he would beat him 42/37.

Picture1.png                         The world’s highest paid actor (Source: Instagram)

If you follow The Rock’s social media accounts, you would have noticed his regular posts from behind-the-scenes to news about Baywatch since the movie was announced. Awareness and buzz was constantly generated since the beginning from the man himself. The week before the release of Baywatch, the movie generated the most social media buzz with more than 58,000 new conversations bringing their total over 570,000 conversations. So how did Baywatch perform on its release? Baywatch made $1.25 million before their international release and are predicted to make $40 million over the opening weekend. Paramount Pictures are set to earn back their $60 million in production costs but its still a little too early to tell.

Beauty_and_the_Beast_2017_poster.jpg                                                                                          Dominating the Box Office and social media (Source: IMDb)

Social media builds awareness, promotes films and generates buzz. A study discovered that the average Facebook user is connected with 338 friends. The reach achieved with a simple share is invaluable. Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson made a debut of $174.75 million on the opening weekend to become one of the Top 10 biggest film openings of all time. On social media, the opening weekend generated 700,000 tweets. Week prior to opening, 600,000. The month before release, 1.6 million tweets. This was Twitter alone, imagine the numbers across Facebook and Instagram.

Have you come across any movies that generated a lot of buzz and conversations on social media but flopped at the Box Office? Why do you think they failed? Could they have marketed it better?





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