Instagram Tops Social Media Engagement

In a recent analysis by Socialbakers, brands are receiving nearly 4 times more user engagement on Instagram compared to Facebook. With the continuous growth to 700 million active monthly user this quarter, it is time for brands who are yet to fully invest in Instagram to get on board. Unless…you are a media company where they received 10 to 12 times more engagement on Facebook compared to Instagram.

33322035211_e34d9b83e9_zInstagram tops user engagement (Source: Instagram)

Consumers spend almost three-quarters of their smartphone app time in just three of their favourite apps. Hence, it is crucial for brands to jump on-board the apps where they will receive the most traffic to boost their brand awareness.

According to Socialbakers founder Jan Rezab, more resources should be allocated to Instagram and start viewing the platform as a conversion tool whilst Facebook is a tool for reach due to its size.

How can brands utilise Instagram as a conversion tool?

Influencer marketing has grown significantly in 2017 and it is noticeable. Celebrity accounts receive the most engagement on Instagram compared to other content providers such as media, brand and entertainment accounts. Brands able to partner with celebrities to promote their product and brand on Instagram is an effective tool to attract and engage customers. Brands can utilise Facebook to focus on generating brand awareness whilst focusing their Instagram account to convert viewers into customers.

SCS.pngSteph Claire Smith is a popular Australian social media celebrity promoting The Midnight Co on her account.

As a social media user, do you feel yourself interacting more to a brand you follow on your Instagram or Facebook accounts? Do you notice a difference between a brand’s Facebook and Instagram account?





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