Boost Juice- Finding You The Perfect Matcha


So Boost Juice recently dropped their latest drink – Tropical Matcha Smoothie, and do they know how to market to their customers!

Boost Juice made the announcement through their Facebook page and released a “Chat and Voucher” activity for customers to talk to Boost Juice to receive various vouchers. #Winning! BUT, you will not be talking to a representative from Boost. In fact, it is an AI who will then match you with one of the four ingredients in their new Matcha Smoothie according to your answers!

Check it out for yourselves here! Score yourselves a voucher at the same time.

Boost         (Source: Facebook)

Here is my interaction with the Boost Juice AI. It was a very interesting experience for me as a consumer as this was the first time I had experienced this form of digital marketing. Even though it was an AI, it did feel like I was talking to a real person at certain moments with the way the AI messaged and sent GIFs. This was a clever form of pull marketing as the Facebook post drew me in. The AI would casually mention about their new smoothie with the product information as well as the competition to Japan. Engaging, informative and shareable, it’s a winning combination for any digital marketer.

This potentially presents a new form of digital marketing through social media for other companies to follow. However, this may lose its appeal once it becomes more popular and consumers ignore the content just for the perks they will receive.

On a side note, the AI message below both amused and shocked me at the same time as it was corny and it had used my profile picture.

BJ                    (Source: Facebook)

Why don’t you give it a shot and see who you match with and comment below? Do you think this is an effective marketing tool?




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  1. Hahah yeah at least this isn’t something as bad cookies or your Google searches popping-up on your Facebook feed or worse as we have been discussing in class regarding brands using our information. Did you try this chat and voucher for yourself?


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